Five Star manufactures a complete container line. Our prescription vial line represents the best quality found in an economy vial line.

Our additional product offerings include plastic and glass droppers as well as RX bottles and ointment jars.



Today is the day to stop overspending on OEM printer cartridges and start saving with Five Star Supplies Corp.

Our replacement cartridges are held to the most rigorous quality standards in the industry - meeting nation brand's print quality and page yeild.


Five Star's stress on quality has created processes which produce consistent products. This consistency is our key to success.

In fact, we have streamlined our manufacturing process so much that it is almost impossible to be inconsistent.



Five Star provides perfect value to our customers by providing perfect quality and consistency.

This value is ultimately passed on to your own customers increasing your market and profitability.

Better Manufacturing

Five Star and it's plastics manufacturing factory were established almost 20 years ago and focuses strictly on plastics and vial molding.

With over 20 high-capacity molding machines and 600 skilled workers, our factory manufactures patented vial products which meet stringent quality requirements.


Better Processes

Five Star is simply unmatched in quality, sourcing and logistics. Our Materials Sourcing team finds only the highest quality materials from all over the world.

Our Quality Inspection team practices 100% inspection which ensures we manufacture and ship the best vial line in the economy vial market.

Custom Services

Five Star Supplies offers a variety of custom services from custom caps to custom boxes.

Save time & money

Five Star Supplies offers a variety of solutions to save you and your business time and money.

Recent News

Five Star Vials meet all CPSC Child-Resistant and Senior Friendly requirements.

Forming a partnership with Five Star

Economic Prices / Premium Quality:

  • Allows Five Star customers to utilize economic cost with superior quality and consistency as a value proposition.
  • Provides a vial line that meets strict quality and safety guidelines.

Business Solutions:

  • Five Star provides your business with a quality and consistent product.
  • A reduction in defective vials and service issues that result from poor quality products will free up your staff to pursue more profit-related activities while also providing a better experience for your customers.
  • As industry expenses rise, cost-cutting becomes a priority. Five Star provides your business with an easy way to quickly lower dispensing costs.
  • Five Star offers a wide variety of custom imprinting options for our customers including custom imprinted caps, boxes, and labels.
  • We also offer marketing support and will create custom literature, brochure materials, fax flyers, and email campaigns that increase your brand's visibility.

Accountability & Responsiveness:

  • As an extension of your business, Five Star offers direct contact to management, personal attention, and immediate decisions. You are not just a customer number, you are our business partner.

Industry and Pricing Stability:

  • With 20 years experience in manufacturing, Five Star offers our customers a stable partner that values long-term relationships.
  • Our stable pricing structure allows our customers to guard against industry price increases and to focus on profitability and sales strategies for both the short-term and long-term.

Reversible Caps

Opaque Vials